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Pressure washing and window cleaning for your Fort Myers Beach home or condo.

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Pressure Washing Cleaning Service- Fort Myers Beach FL

We offer pressure washing service on Fort Myers Beach. We can pressure clean homes, pool decks, lanai’s, driveways, walkways, pavers, and docks.  Contact us today for a free quote for your pressure washing needs.

Window Washing & Cleaning Service

We offer a window cleaning service on Fort Myers Beach.  We can wash both the inside and out of windows as accessibility allows.  We also wash and clean sliding glass doors, door tracts and lubricate the rollers.

Do you have a great view from your Fort Myers Beach home or condo, perhaps views of the beach, gulf or bay?  Make your windows and slider doors clear as day. Bring the outside in by making your windows and slider doors clean.

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 After Storm Yard Cleanup

As you know when it rains it pours on Fort Myers Beach, sometimes causing a mess of debris around your house.  We can clean that up, just give us a call.

The pictures below are of an after storm clean out of a laundry room.  There was a storm that came through Fort Myers Beach and there was a storm surge mixed with a high tide which created flooding on beach front properties.  This laundry room is at ground level and the sea water came in mixed with sand and tree debris of leaves and sticks along with the water that came in at about 2ft up the wall, then left it a complete mess.  We pulled everything out and washed the contents and shoveled out all of the debris and cleaned the room and put everything back in place like it never happened.

Fort-Myers-Beach-cleaning-before (1)

Before Cleaning. Look at all the storm debris.

Fort-Myers-Beach-cleaning-during (1)

During the clean, pulled everything out of the room to wash off the contents and to start cleaning out the mess the storm sea water left behind.

Fort-Myers-Beach-cleaning-during (2)

First we raked up and bagged all of the leaves and twigs and trash. Next we cleaned up the sand and put into a pile to then remove from the room. Amazing how much sand ended up in the room from the storm that came through Fort Myers Beach.


Here are the after cleaning pictures. The contents were pulled out and washed and put back into place.


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