Are you tired of your vacation rental cleaners?  Is the cleaning service not cleaning the rental the way they should be?  How disappointing it is for a guest to arrive at your vacation home or condo and come to find out it wasn’t cleaned the way it should be.  They’re welcomed with signs of the previous guests still being there.  For example: dirty refrigerator and oven, hair on the counters, toothpaste in the sink, splash marks on the mirror, items left under the bed or couch, you can only imagine what we’ve discovered during our cleanings!

How about finding out that your previous cleaning service turned over the comforter to hide the mysterious stain simply because they didn’t want to take the time to wash the comforter?  The list can go on, I’ll spare you the details and you can only imagine.

We understand the frustration, because we receive calls from new clients looking for a new cleaning service after they fired the bargain basement cleaning company they had for sub-par cleaning jobs.  As it’s often learned in life, you get what you pay for.

At Beaches Home Services LLC we offer Vacation Home and Condo Cleaning Service on Fort Myers Beach, Estero Island.

Our cleaning service fee includes a starter kit (paper towels, dish soap, toilet paper, etc.) but we also leave  a welcome kit which includes some light snacks, waters, brochures and maps for the Fort Myers Beach areas attractions.

At Beaches Home Services we set the bar higher than the regular vacation rental cleaning company.  If you are looking for a bargain cleaning service, sorry we are not it.  We won’t be the cheapest around.  If you hire the bargain cleaning company or person, you are going to get that level of cleaning, plain and simple.

The personalized care we take for each of your rental units and your guests simply we can’t be the cheapest around.  What you will have in return are happier vacation rental guests which leads to rave reviews for you on your vacation rental platform ie: VRBO, Home Away, Air BnB.  Good reviews leads to more bookings because it’s important to future guests to see that the experience was great for the previous vacation renters at your home or condo.

We are often hired by owners who had to fire the unreliable bargain cleaning service company.

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